Monday, June 25, 2012

UK Press Anticipates Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

This link includes Amelia Proud's article from the Daily Mail on the 20th Century Fox histo-thriller mashup narrative from the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter parallel universe.  This is where the 16th president is the 19th century's top hunter and exterminator of the undead, driving many vampires back to other parts of the world, explaining why vampires persist as the signal public health menace there today.

Proud's article includes the July GQ Magazine photo of Benjamin Walker, the 20-something star who's understated and literate portrayal of Lincoln anchors the movie in our own universe.

Orphaned of his ma by a vampire, Abraham Lincoln learns to dread, then to loath and finally to virulently hate vampires.  His growth and maturation, his marriage and political career are all seen through the lens of this determination to personally eradicate the Undead from nineteenth century America.

At 6'3", Walker's portrayal of Lincoln towers above his character's own initial fear of vampires and empowers his nocturnal hunting.  Armed with the gleaming silver axe and the educated aggression of his mentor, Henry Sturgess, played by Dominic Cooper, Lincoln's prowess grows until his deliberate and relentless blade cuts to the pulse of the vampire nation . . . .

Directed by the visual genius, Timur Bekmambetov, and produced by Tim Burton and Jim Lemley, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, features a visually explosive and reimaginative narration of Lincoln's bio.